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If you are looking for dent removal service in Barnsley, get in touch now with Allotts Dent Services.

What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

We provide Paintless Dent Removal which is an extremely cost effective and efficient way to get rid of car dents, dings and creases from your car, without the need for body shops and your car being in a garage for two or three days. The art of the Paintless Dent Service removes the need for paint and body fillers, whilst returning the damaged car panel back to its original factory condition, whilst leaving the original paint intact as if the damage had never occurred. Whatever the damage whether it’s hail damage, malicious vandalism or a ding in the car park In Barnsley, get In touch, we are the auto dent masters!

Cost Effective

The advantage of the PDR process over using a body shop is it more effective in terms of cost and your time. We can often beat body shop prices and in most cases the panel dent removal will even be less that your vehicle excess. If you are looking to sell your vehicle removing these minor dents, whilst leaving the paintwork intact, can increase the value of your vehicle and If you are leasing the car you can stop any end of term penalties.

The Paintless Dent Removal services is also environmentally friendly as there are no need of harmful paint sprayers or fillers.

If you are looking for safe, cost effective and efficient way to remove your dents and dings in Barnsley, get in touch now with the auto dent masters.

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For The Safe Removal Of:
  • Car Park Dents and Creases!
  • Minor Parking Damage!
  • Car Vandalism!
  • Wheelie Bin And Shopping Trolley Damage!
If The Paint Isn’t Damaged, We Can Probably Repair it!


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