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If the paintwork is damaged can it still be repaired using PDR?

Small scratches and abrasions can be polished out after the repair is finished. If the paintwork has surface scratches that are deep enough to get a finger nail in then although the dent could be repaired, the scratches would still remain. If the paint is cracked or broken this is usually a repair that needs to visit a body shop for repainting.

Can all dents be repaired using this method?

A PDR repair will depend on the location of the dent on the affected panel. Too close to the edge of a panel or in a location with no access for tools could make it non-repairable. However, some repairs can be achieved by pulling the dent out from the surface.

Will it be 100% after repair?

Not all dents can be repaired 100% but if not, most can be repaired to a standard that significantly improves the appearance of the car. This is something that is discussed prior to any work being undertaken. See the Megane door in Extreme dents.

How long will a repair take to complete?

A typical door dent of around 20mm in diameter in the middle of a panel, with easy access, should take under an hour to complete. Larger and more extreme dents, especially those with difficult access could take significantly longer. All dents are still repairable as a mobile service and within the day.

Do you need to work under cover to repair the dent?

If the weather permits all repairs can be done outside on a driveway or car park. We have our own mobile shelters if the weather poses a problem.

Do I need to wait with you while the repair is undertaken?

There is usually no need to stay with us while a repair is being performed. If you wish to wait with us then feel free to do so.

Does the repair come with a guarantee?

We are fully insured to work on all vehicles and provide a lifetime guarantee on all of our work.

What is the cost of a typical repair?

It is difficult to provide a price for a dent, as all dents are different. As an example, a shallow dent of 20mm diameter in the middle of a panel with easy access would cost between £75 and £100 all inclusive.

I have more than one dent, will this cost a fortune?

We give good discounts for several dents repaired on the same day. Multiple car discounts can be given too.

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