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What We Repair

We repair dents on metal panels, both steel and aluminium

The paintlesss dent removal process used on metal panels can remove dents from most body panels using 2 methods. The first is the more traditional method of massaging the dent from behind the panels using purpose made tools to return the dent back to its original panel shape. The second method uses specialist glue pulling equipment to lift the dented area back to its original shape.

Both methods require the paint to be undamaged, although small superficial scratches are usually removed either before or after the repair from the dented area as part of the process. Glue pulling requires the panel to have the orginal factory paintwork.

There are a number of things that can stop even the simpliest looking dent from being repaired. When access is limited to the underside of the dent, the dent runs through the edge of a panel or the panel has been previously repaired are the the most common reasons some dents cannot be repaired. If unsure please contact us anyway and we can assess and advise.

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What we don’t repair

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The images below show the type of damage that PDR cannot recitify. Any damage where the paint is broken or the dented area passes through th edge of a panel usually requires repairing at a body shop:

The car door has paint damage and the dented areas pass through the edges of the panel. When a panel is damaged to this extent it will need to be rectified at a body shop

The paint is damaged and requires a vist to a body shop. The damage also reaches the edges of both the wing and door
The rear arch has been crushed and not dented. The paint is also broken

Accident damaged panels that have both paint and structural damage to the panel.

Scratches on vehicle panels unless its part of the dented area agreed to be repaired

Plastic Bumpers. Although some larger bumper corner dents can be vastly improved using paintless dent removal, most bumpers are plastic and don’t repsond the same way as metal panels do. Damage to plastic bumpers usually requires a more conventional repair using plastic welding, filler and paint.

Alloy wheels when damaged nearly always require specialist repairs resulting in either paintwork or re-machining of the alloy’s surface.

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